The woman behind Le Style, is a woman that creates and she is a designer with a own style, she created a blog about home, interior, ideas, styling tips and about living.

But she has a passion, she has a dream……….

She is always busy with styling ….. it al began behind her own front door, that was the place where she created that own style. She loves simple and simplicity.

The woman behind Le Style is enthusiastic and energetic. She loves openness, generosity, positivity, inspire /inspiration and humor. She is always in development, is open to learn from life, from/about others and about herself.

Looking for inspiration in life ..... philosophy. She really enjoys the little things in life, the little things that makes life word living for

And that is where her dream began……….
She is a designer, stylist & lifestyle journalist with a passion for photography. She is constantly busy with implementing new ideas.

You can find her creative writing, style and photography on her blog Le Style. 

Take a look and follow Yet, the woman behind Le Style and how she makes her dreams come true


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